Three Papers Selected for Presentation at WISE 2016

Our paper on the impact of website blocking on the piracy will be presented at WISE 2016. In this paper we show the using DNS blocking reduces piracy but it also leads people to find new ways to circumvent blocks, such as using DNS proxies. Our other paper on the impact of information from friends and from the crowd will also be featured at WISE 2016. In this paper, we show how people combine signals from friends and from the crowd as a function of the price of the product and of how close they are to commit. Number of likes from the crowd seem to be relatively more important closer to purchase although information from friends still plays a significant role in the consumption of more expensive products. Finally, our new paper on the impact of binge on media consumption will also be presented at WISE 2016. In this very preliminary work, we show that the ability to binge increases demand but decreases subsequent subscription rates, potentially because people exhaust catalogs faster when they binge.