The Effects of Timeshift TV Published at Management Science

My paper with Filipa Reis, Rodrigo Belo and Miguel Matos on the impact of Timeshift TV (TSTV) on TV consumption and ad avoidance has been accepted for publication at Management Science. In this paper, we partner with a major telecommunications provider to study the effect of Time-Shift TV (TSTV) on TV consumption. We find that, on average, households treated with TSTV on a new set of TV channels that can be used to watch movies and TV shows consume more TV overall and as much live TV as households without TSTV. We also show that households do not seem to use TSTV as a new tool to strategically avoid ads. In particular, households given access to the new TV channels with TSTV exit ads in the original TV channels as much as the households given access to these channels without TSTV.

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